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Alcatraz offers a unique saving game on the topreels on which you can save symbols to win extra credits. The ? symbol lets you raise the level of the points to be won. The Gamble wheel offers a new way of betting your credits in the basic game, you will get the chance to win a lot of credits in a short period of time.

The Alcatraz is a slot machine with three basic reels and three top reels. The game starts in the basic game. Basic game. The basic game lets u win credits by making combinations on the single win line. When a combination has been made the won credits will be automatically transferred to the gamble game. Gamble. When credits are won the gamble game will start spinning and you will be able to bet your credits The Gamble game offers severally options from with you can choose. The options on which you can bet will simultaneously light up. The choice of the bet is all yours the higher the bet the more credits you will be able to win. But with a lower bet the more likely you will win a prize. You can start the bet by clicking the stop button.

When you collected 4 or more credits you can choose to transfer the won credits to your total credits by clicking the 'win to credits' button or choose to start playing the top game by clicking the 'win to win bank 'button. Top game. By playing the top game you will play all top reels on 5 win lines. Paying the top game will cost you a total of 5 credits. 4 credits will be transferred from the win bank counter, 1 credit will be taken from your total credits.

Some symbols contain sub symbols. These sub symbols can be a cross or a question mark. When a cross sub symbol shows on win line 1 all symbols on win line 1 will be activated in the symbol circle. Then you will be able to place a cross on the symbol circle.

The number of crosses combined with activated symbols on the symbol circle will determine the outcome prize of the symbol circle game. The matrix next to the symbol circle shows you the prizes for the number of crosses combined with active symbols. After you placed a cross on the circle you can move all crosses by clicking the 'move selection' button, all crosses will then start moving until you click the 'start’ button.

When a question mark sub symbol shows on win line 1. you can change the bet in the matrix to a higher bet stage. The lines of the matrix will simultaneously light up until you stop them by clicking the 'stop' button. The bet stage on the line you stopped will now change to a higher stage.

When the button 'take game' flashes on and off you are able to take the credits from the symbol circle game.


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