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arabian nights

Arabian Nights consists of a topgame, gamblinggame and a cardgame. De many winelements, 500 credits win and many features in the pokergame makes this game alot of fun to play!

Arabian Nights consists of a topgame, gamblinggame and a cardgame. Basicgme

The game starts off with the besicgame by default, consisting of 4 reels. You play on one winline, with the exception of the starsymbol, which counts crisscross. Certain combinations are automatically held with the autohold function. You can release the rolls held by the autohold function with the reset button. You can also choos to hold reels manually.

Gambling game

The gambling game is activated when there's a winning combination in the basicgame. The wheel will start to spin, and you can place bets with help from the winningsdisc. The lower you bet, the greater your chances are of doubling your credits. You can stop the windisc with the Stop-button. The wheel will slowly stop spinning, untill it comes to a complete stop. If the wheel stops in the richt place, your credits will be multiplied by the value in the windisc.


When you don't have a winning combination, but you do have points on the symbols on the winline, you'll play the cardgame. Next to the cardgame you'll see the credits that can be won by creating cardcombinations on a certain winline. When there is a line being displayed in the cards these points will be added to the cardmeter. The cardgame consists of the following game elements:

Shake (4):

The reels in the basicgame will be shaken. The reels will start to spin randomly by pressing the Stop-button. Cardgame (5-6): The cards in the cardgame are shuffled and 2 cards are shown. These cards light up in the cardseries.

Shake cards (7):

You can use this function on any given time during the cardgame

All cards are shuffled and the same amount of cards are displayed with help of the stop-button.

Joker (8):

You can use the Joker function to complete winning combinations. When you use the joker function all cards light up one by one. If you press the stop-button only one card is still lit up.

Double (9):

The double function doubles the amount of points in the basicgame once you have 9 points on the basicgame.

SuperFlush (10-11):

The cards are shuffled 3 times and the displayed cards are shown in the card series. Six cards in total are lit up on the screen, giving the chance of scoring a winning card line. Won credits are added to the Flushmeter (23).

500 (12):

500 credits are won and added to the cardmeter. If you score 2 points or more in the basicgame, all features of the cardgame are lost!


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