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area 51

The Area51 is a slot machine that offers a lot of win possibilities. The Area 51 even offers a bet of 128 credits. Players will be able to save extra holds on every possible bet. You can save up to 4 holds per bet. The game play of Area 51 makes it a unique slot machine to play.

The Area 51 is a great slot machine It contains only three reels on with you play. Almost the entire game plays in crisscross mode. Some combinations give an higher payout rate when made on the main win line.

The Game will start in the bet 1 mode. When credits have been added to the club meter after a win the player will be able to change the bet. Basic game. By playing the bet 1 game you will once in a while get the alien symbol on the main win line. This symbol will automatically activate the higher lower game. The Higher lower game gives you a chance to win extra credits by gambling on the outcome of the higher lower wheel. Itís up to the player to gamble if the out come will be higher ore lower, then the last stand of the wheel. The numbers on the higher lower wheel run from 20 till 200. Each time the outcome of your bet is correct you will receive 2 credits. After each time you win you're able to transfer Your won credits to the club meter ore choose to transfer the credits to your main credits. Top game. When credits have been won in the basic game you will be able to transfer those credits to the club meter. After transferring your credits to the club meter you will be able to play in a different bet mode. These bet modes range from bet 2 till bet 128 each bet mode gets its own prizes when making a combination.

Youíre able to change the bet stage any time you want. But of course itís not aloud to change the bet after a hold.

This slot machine offers you the possibility to save extra holds. These extra holds will be available when a combination is made criss cross with star sub symbols. A player can save up to 4 extra holds.


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