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crazy wheel 500

The CrazyWheel 500 offers you the opportunity to win some big prizes of up to 1000 credits. The fun to play top game will keep players excited and ready to win. Try your luck now!

Crazywheel exists out of an default-game, a Topgame and a supergamble game. The game starts with the default-game wich exists out of 3 reels. You play on one win-line with the exception of the star-symbol wich count criss cross. With the auto-hold function the reels will be locked automatically on certain combinations. With the reset-button you can release the reels that were put on hold. Of course you are also be able to make your own combinations. Topgame. You can choose to play the topgame if you've won 4 or more credits at the default-game. Playing the topgame will cost you 4 or 8 credits each time you play. When you choose to play with 4 credits the first three reels will be activated. If you choose to play with 8 credits, you play with 4 reels. In this case you have more chance of winning! Besides that, the topgame has 7 win-lines. Of course you can also to take the credits to the creditmeter to play the default-game. Crazywheel. The best thing of this slotmachine is the crazywheel! In the Topgame there are SG-symbols. Each time there will be displayed an SG symbol on the win-line, it will be saved. As soon as you got 6 SG symbols, the crazywheel will be activated. The wheel begins to spin. With the 'stop' button you're be able to stop spinning the wheel. You then make a chance to win 100, 300, or even 500 credits. You can always move over the credits to the creditmeter to play further on the default-game. The clubmeter has a limit of 1500 credits.


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