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deep blue sea

The Deep Blue Sea is a slot machine with alot of game elements, this gives you alot of different ways to win! With these amounts of game elements, winning is almost to easy!

Deep Blue Sea is a slot machine with 4 reels in the Basicgame and doesn't contain any reels in the topgame. The topgame consists of the gamble game, superfruit game, lucky7 bonus, treasure trail and the superstep game. The game contains 4 basicreels and starts with the Basicgame. You play on one winline. Reels with a possible winning combination on the next spin will be set 'on hold' automatically thanks to the autohold function. You can put these reels off hold with the Reset Button. Offcourse there is the possibility to hold reels yourselve.

The gambling game will be activated when a winning combination appears in the Basicgame.Step 4 and 6 on the ladder: When you reach the point total of 4 in the Basicgame, the superfruit game is activated. The symbols that are on the winline will be lighted up on the superfruit game, and you may stop the cross that blinks accross the overview game. When you stop a cross on the place of a symbol that is lit on the basic reels, you have won a certain amount of points. The more crosses you have lit on the right places, the bigger the amount of credits you get is. Step 6 on the ladder raises the staffel “superscore” . Each time you realized step 4 you get the opportunity to stop a cross 2 times where this is needed.

You will lose the points you have saved up in the superfruit game when you get the opportunity to gamble and you cash-in points from the gamble game, or when you win at the gamble game. You keep your points if you lose at the gamble game. It's crucial to cash-in the points at the superfruit game in time! Step 5 on the ladder: You activate the lucky7 game with step 5 on the ladder. There are 'regular' and 'lucky' 7 symbols on reel two and three. You can save up the lucky7 symbols when the lucky7 bonus game is not activated on the two lucky7 save meters. You'll receive 4 points on an active meter when you spin a 'regular' 7 on reel 2 or 3. You'll receive 8 points if you spin a 'lucky' 7 symbol.

The 77 symbol will be lit up if the Lucky 7 bonus game is active. You will receive the contents of the lit up Lucky7 meter when the Lucky7 game is actieve and you spin 2 'lucky' 7 symbols on winline 2 and 3. Step 7 and 9 on the ladder: When you reach the point total of 7 in the basicgame, The Super step game will be raised with 1 extra step. When you reach the point total of 9 in the Basicgame, you have the opportunity to choose 'take superstep'. This means that you can activate/take the lit-up steps/nudges that you have saved up.

Look at wich reels you have to lower 1 or more steps to create a winning combination that is as high as possible. Step 8 and 11 on the ladder: When you reach 8 points in the Basicgame, your Shell trail status will be raised. You can raise this Shell trail to a maximum of 200 points. When you reach the a total of 11 points on the Basicgame, you will receive the points that are lit up at that moment on the Shell Trail. Step 10 on the ladder: When you reach a total of 10 points in the Basicgame, the Mix and Match game is activated. The Mix and Match game gives you the opportunity to win alot of extra points. You will receive a symbol 3 times on the fourth reel. Press the Match symbol to show the winline when you think the given symbol is high enough. Press the Mix symbol if you want to see the next symbol, because you think it might be higher. A winline can exist out of 3 or 4 symbols. You can see the points that you can win with the active symbol in the Mix and Match overview on the slotmachine. Step 12 on the ladder: You win the jackpot when you reach a total of 10 points on the Basicgame, and you will receive 200 points.


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