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The Diamondrunner is a slot with 3 reels in the basicgame and 3 reels in the topgame. You play on one winline in the basicgame. When a winning combination appears on the winline the gamblinggame is activated. You play with a stake of 5 credits on 5 winlines on the topgame. 4 credits of the bet come off the winbank and one credits comes of the creditmeter.

The Diamondrunner is a slot with 3 reels in the basicgame and 3 reels in the topgame. The game starts off in the basicgame by default.


You play one one winline in the basic game. When a winning combination on the reels appears, the gambling game is activated. You have a number of possibilities to gamble. The possibilities to gamble on light up from left to right at the bottom of the game. There is also noted what winnings are to be won at every possibility. Press the 'start' button when the possibility lights up on which you like to gamble. The game will be stopped slowly once you have pressed the start button. Your winnings are determained by the game when you have guessed correctly. The game will be reactivated if you win. The game is returned to the basicgame if you lose. There is also the possibility to transfer credits to your creditsmeter when you have won more then 4 credits. Press the win to credits button to transfer these points to the winbank to be able to play the topgame.


You play with a bet of 5 credits on 5 winlines. 4 credits of the bet come from the winbank and 1 credit comes of the creditmeter. On some symbols there is a subsymbol. These subsymbols can be a cross or an exclamation mark. When a cross is shown on the symbol on the first winline all symbols from winline 1 are lit up on the scratchcard. You also get the chance of placing a cross on the scratchcard. The amount of crossed on active symbols determain the winnings from the scratchcard game. You can see a matrix above the scratchcard what points out what points are to be won for the number of crosses on the winning symbols. You can relocate the crosses after placing them by pressing the 'move selection' button. All crosses will start to move untill you press start. When a exclamation mark is shown, the points you can win are raised in the win matrix. Use the button take game to take the credits from the scratchcard game.


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