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las vegas

The Las Vegas is a slotmachine with 4 reels in the basicgame and 4 reels in the topgame. You can save nudges by collecting 'N' symbols.

The Las Vegas is a slotmachine with 4 reels in the basicgame and 4 reels in the topgame. The game starts off with the basicgame. You can save nudges in the basicgame. You collect a nudge when a 'N' symbol appears on the winline. You can lower a reel 3 times once you have collect 3 nudges (nudging).

You can begin nudging by pressing the gamble/nudge button once this is blinking. From this time you van nudge with the 'hold/nudge' buttons. Every time you press the button you lower the reel one time. The nudging stops if a winline is succesfully nudged. You can try to raise the gambling game with the points you've won, or you can put the points to your credits-meter. In the gambling game you have to bet for the colors orange or yellow, or on one of the symbols (planets). The profit that will be given in relation to your bet is noted by the symbol. You gamble by pressing the gamble button. The moment in wich you press the button determains wich symbol or color you gamble on.

U also have the opportunity to move the points to the winbank. After this the topgame will be activated. Higher/lower- You can find a subsymbol on the fruitsymbols. The 'higher/lower' game is activated when you see this symbol on the winline. In this game you have to predict if the value of the next symbol on the reel will be higher or lower then the value of the current symbol. You get 2 credits everytime you get it right. You can quit this game at any time with the 'higher lower' game and move the points to the credits meter or to the winbank with the buttons 'reset/take win' or 'winbank'. You can play with 5, 10 or 20 credits in the topgame. The profit of the winline depends on the bet you made.


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