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Millions gives players criss cross win combinations on all top reels, this will result in a lot of win combinations, so lots of fun for players. The basic game gamble wheel giving you the chance to win a lot of credits in a short period of time!

The millions slot machine offers 3 Basic reels and 4 top reels The game will start with the basic reels first. Basic game. The basic game offers a single win line on which you can make win combinations. Millions also offers an exciting coin collect game on which you can win extra credits. To take use of the coin collect game you must try to collect as many coin stacks on the win line as possible. But try to get the coin stacks vertically full instead horizontally, because an horizontal full Line of coin stacks only gives 2 points and a vertical full line of coin stacks gives 4 - 200 credits. In case of an horizontal full line of coin stacks the two won credits will automatically be transferred to the gamble game. You will have to gamble at least once before taking the credits. Top game. You can start playing the top game after winning credits in the basic game. You can transfer your won credits to the top game by Clicking the 'WinBank' button.

The top game consist of four reels on which you can play. There are three different bets for you to choose. Bet 4 offers criss cross win lines on the first 3 reels. When you choose to use the bet 8 you will get the criss cross win lines on the first three reels plus the three last one reels. And finally bet 16 offers you to get the same rules as bet8 but gives you the advantage of making combinations by skipping a reel.

You can change the bet on the top game by clicking the 'change bet' button.


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