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reel cash 2

Reelcash2 is a nice slot machine which offers a lot of fun game elements: a default-game and a cashgame. The Cashgame with 4 reels and 3 win-lines gives you the opportunity to win a maximum of 500 credits. By collecting the Reelcash2 symbols you can win a Mysterywin!

The reelcash2 slotmachines exists in 2 games. There's a default-game and a Cash-game. The game starts with the default game. In this game the target is to get equal kinds of fruit on the second row. If you get two (only on the first and second reel) or three equal kinds of fruit on the second row, you win credits. The amount of credits you can win with different kinds of fruit is displayed on the fruitmachine. You can lock the reels by clicking on the hold buttons to raise the chance of a winning combination. With the reset-button you can release the lock again. If you win, you're be able to play the head-tail game. In this game you're be able to double you're winning points or loose it all by predicting if its gonna be head or tail. In this game you have 50% chance of choosing the right choice. Credits who are won can be taken to the 'Creditmeter' by clicking on the 'Take Win' or can be taken to the 'Cashmeter credits' by clicking on the 'Cashmeter (bet4)' button. If you choose to move the credits to the Cashmeter you can play the Cashgame. When there's a Reelcash symbol being displayed on the second row (win-line) of the default game, there's Reelcash-symbol being added in the corresponding reelcash column. A full reelcash column gives a mysteryprice of 4 till 200 credits. But, if there's an horizontal row full in the reekcash-columns this get's priority and gives you 2 points in the head-tail game that has to be played for 1 time (double or loose). In the Cashgame there are question marks and paper-money displayed on the reels. Depending on your bet, 4, 8, or 16 you play with respectively 1, 2 or 3 win-lines and counts the paper-money criss cross through the winlines. You can bet with 4, 8 or 16 credits by clicking respectively Bet4, Bet8, Bet16. A question mark gives you a mystery-win of 4 - 100. In the cashgame a maximum of 500 credits can be won. If you win 500 credits, they automaticaly will be taken to the creditmeter. With the button 'Collect Cashmeter' you can take the points from the 'cashmeter' to the 'creditmeter'.


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