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General information Skillkrassen

SkillKrassen offers a combination of 2 fun game elements, put into one. There's the playing of fun skillgames, and the scratching of the scratchcards for big money prizes.
You can choose to play for FUN. You'll recieve 5,- worth of funcredits to play with, once every day. With those you can practice to get the skillgames down. You can't request a payout when you play in the FUNmode.
You can also choose to play for REAL. You can create your own free account and start playing and scratching for REAL money prizes! All won prizes will be payed out by us within 24 hours, directly into your bankaccount.

You can credit your playaccount by calling to a paynumber, or creating a banktransaction.

The goal of the SkillKrassen game is to play the chosen SkillKrassen game as good as possible, and then scratch for good money prizes.

Above each Skillgame, you'll see the so-called 'Skillmeter'. Here you'll see the scratchcard categories 1 till 5 indicated on the Skillmeter. Each category is marked with different numbers, these are the minimal and maximum amounts of money where you get to scratch for after finishing the skillgame. The better your result was at the skillgame, the higher the money prizes are that you'll be able to win scratching. When you play with a scratchcard category that is higer then categorie 1, and you don't win while scratching, you'll still win the minimal price that is indicated for that scratchcard.

Every scratchcard contains 10 money bags that can be scratched open, you can scratch 5 out of the 10 money bags. You win when you scratch 3 times the same amount open!

Shower game

Target of the game:
You are detained by police for driving too fast, you spend your 1st night in jail you need to shower for the first time with the rest of the inmates. Try to balance the piece of soap as long as possible on your hands! You have 5 pieces of soap, so 5 attempts. You can well imagine what youre fellow inmates will you do when the last piece of soap falls!

Explanation gameplay:
When the game starts you will receive the first piece of soap in your hand, by moving the mouse to the left and right you hold the piece of soap into balance on your hand. The further the time expires, the more difficult it is to keep the piece of soap balanced on your hand! Each time the piece of soap falls out of balance and touches on the ground, you get a subsequent attempt and the next piece of soap on your hand. You continue in the difficulty where you left off. You get 5 pieces of soap to keep as long as possible in balance, when the fifth piece of soap hits the ground, the game ends. You'll be awarded with a scratchcard from the won category.

Money Drop game Target of the game: You're about to rob a bank, you have cracked the vault and your buddy is waiting by the car. Before you make a run for it, you need to trow the stolen moneybags from the roof of the bank, in the back of the car. There are 8 stolen money within various sizes, try to throw as many moneybags as possible exactly in the rear of the car! Explanation gameplay: Your chosen character is on the left on top of the roof of the bank building. In your hand you will receive the first moneybag to throw with. In total, you must attempt to throw 8 moneybags in the back of the getaway car. Attention! The moneybages come in various sizes. The smaller the bag, the further you can throw it with little speed and energy. Click once with your left mouse button to start the run-up of your character. Then click again on the left mouse button and hold it. At this moment you can see the directional arrow slowly rise. When you let the left mouse button loose, the moneybag will follow the chosen direction, in the direction of the getawaycar. The closer you throw the money to the getaway car's thrunk , the more points you'll receive in the Skillmeter! Please note that you release the mouse button at the right moment, otherwise you'll fall off the roof in the trash container, and your throw won't count! When the last bag has been thrown, the game is over. You'll be awarded with a scratchcard from the won category.


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