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The Subzero is a slot machine that offers players two freezing cool gamble wheels. The subzero top gamble wheel lets you win up to 500 credits in one bet! The basic game gamble wheel gives you the chance to win a lot of credits in a short period of time, or to loose them, depends how lucky you are.

The Subzero slot machine offers 3 Basic reels and 3 top reels The game will start with the basic reels first. Basic game. The Subzero offers a SZ symbol saving game. These symbols can be saved per reel, The saved symbols will be indicated on the right of the reels. When a row of saved SZ symbols is full you may choose a reel to activate a joker on. U can choose the reel by clicking the hold button under the reel of your choice.

When a reel is provided with a joker, The joker will be able to finish a win on the win line. this will definitely improve your win changes. Gamble. When credits are won the gamble game will start spinning and you will be able to bet your credits The Gamble game offers severally options from with you can choose. The options on which you can bet Will simultaneously light up. play as you wish, the higher the bet the more credits you will be able to win. But with a lower bet the more likely you will win a prize. You can start the bet by clicking the stop button. When you collected 4 ore more credits you can choose to transfer the won credits to your total credits by clicking the 'win to credits' button ore choose to start playing the top game by clicking the 'win to win bank ‘button. Top game. The top game lets u place 2 different bets the 4 and 20 credits bet. all combinations are possible on criss cross. When making a 20 credits bet on the top game every SZ symbol will finish a combination. When there is no possible combination the SZ symbol will give u a mystery win of 10 - 200 credits. To transfer the top credits from the top game to your basic credits please click the 'reset/take' button.


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