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The Summertime is a slot with 3 reels at the basic game and no less then 8 reels on top. You can switch between the top- and basicgame anytime by using the 'choose game' buttom. This fun slotmachine guarantees hours of fun!

The Summertime is a slot with 3 reels at the basic game and no less then 8 reels on top. The game starts off in the basigame.

Basic game

In the basic game you play with one winline, with the exception of the 'X' symbol that counts crisscross. The 'X' symbol gives you a mystery-win from 4 to 200 points. Certain combinations are held automatically with help of the autohold function. You can release the reels held by pressing the 'reset' button. You can also choose to hold reels manually.


You can switch between the different stakes of the topgame and the basicgame using the 'choose game' button. You can play with 6 different stakes in the topgame. You can see the amount of active reels that you get for what stake noted on the slotmachine, and the reels light up on the reels you are currently playing with. Al possible combinations of 3 symbols are made in the topgame on all horizontal and diagnal winlines on the reels you play with. You also save so-called subsymbols on every reel. When you have 5 subsymbols saved up on a BET roll you recieve a prize that is randomly selected from the numbers oversight that go with the saved BET roll. When you play at the highest stake on the topgame, you save up subsymbols on all betrolls, and you'll recieve much more random mystery prizes. The topgame uses multiple winbanks for the points. When you play on top 1 credit is used from the basicgame for the stake. It is possible to play the topgame without having credits on the winbank.

One credit is transferred to the topgame if you press the start button. You can repeat this untill you have enough credits on the winbank to be able to put down the stake you selected. The reels will start to roll automatically. When you press the 'reset/take win' button the points from the winbank with the least amount of credits is transferred to the basic game.


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