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the big bonus

The Big Bonus slotmachine consists of a basicgame and a topgame. The game start off with the basicgame. You can win here by creating a winning combination on the center winline. The wincombinations of the symbols of the basicgame can be found under and beside the basic reels. You can hold symbols with the 'hold' buttons so you have a higher chance of getting a certain combination. You can cancel these holds with the reset button. Credits that are won at the basicgame can be added to your creditmeter with the button 'take win', or transferred to the cashmeter credits with the button 'cashmeter (bet4)' so you can play the Cashmeter game. The Cashmeter game lets you raise the points you won up to 200! These credits will then be automatically added to your creditmeter. When a 'Big Bonus' symbol appears on the winline a 'Big Bonus' symbol is added to the corresponding column. A full vertical column gives you a mysteryprize from 4 to 200 credits, but a horizontal row has tabs on a vertical one and gives 2 credits that have to be gambled with for at least one time (loss or double). There are symbols on the reels with exclamation points and question marks in the topgame. Depending on the bet (4, 8, 16 or 32 credits) you play with the buttons Bet4, Bet8, Bet16 or Bet32. You play with the corresponding 1, 2 or 3 winlines and the symbols count crisscross for the active winlines. A symbol with ? gives a Mysterywin from 4-100 points. You can win a maximum of 500 credits at the topgame. If you have 500 points of more, these will automatically be transferred to the creditmeter. You can transfer the points on your cashmeter to the creditmeter with the button 'Collect Cashmeter'.


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