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Win up to a 1000 credits in one win combination on the Tropicana top reels, Tropicana also features a fun new gamble game which allows you to win up to 500 credits in one bet. The “coin flip” gamble game gives you a unique chance to double your win from the basic game. The Tropicana is a great slot machine to play.
The Tropicana slot machine Contains 3 Basic reels and 4 top reels. The game starts with the basic reels. Basic game. The basic game is played on the main win line with the exception of the star game which is played in criss cross. When a win combination is made the gamble game will automatically be activated. the gamble game consists of a simple coin flip game. Where you must gamble the outcome of the game by Clicking the 'head' ore 'tail 'button. Top game. When you collected 4 ore more credits you can choose to transfer the won credits to your total credits by clicking the 'win to credits' button ore choose to start playing the top game by clicking the 'win to win bank 'button.

The top game offers 2 different bets. bet 4 and bet 8. Bet 4 will let you spin the first 3 reels, Bet 8 will let you spin all 4 reels, giving you a total of 7 win lines. Top gamble game. Each top reel contains a special T symbol. Each time a T symbols shows on the win line it will be added to the T symbols saving Screen, shown on the right of the reels. When all 6 T symbols are activated on the screen his gamble game will start. Click the Start button to play, your prize will be indicated after the animations stops.

You will be able to transfer your Club meter credits to your main Credits at all times. The club meter has a limit of 1500 credits.


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