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Save up to three nudges per reel, on the fun to play Volcano winner. When 3 nudges have been saved on a reel, the player will be able to lower the reel, using one nudge per step until a win combination has been reached. The “fun to play” gamble wheel lets you win a lot of credits when played correctly.

The Volcano slot machine contains 4 Basic reels and 4 top reels. The game starts with the basic reels. Basic game. The Volcano offers a nudges saving game. The nudge function will be activated when 3 'V' symbols have been collected on a reel. The meters under the reels indicate the number of nudges you collected per reel. When 3 nudges have been collected on a reel the 'hold/nudge' button will start to go on and off. This indicates the nudges are now available for use.

When clicking one of the 'hold/nudge’ buttons the reel above it Will move down one symbol. This way you can try to make the combination you want in 3 steps.

When credits are won the gamble game will start spinning and you will be able to bet your credits The Gamble game offers severally options from with you can choose. The options on which you can bet Will simultaneously light up. The choose of the gamble is all yours the higher is the bet the more credits you will be able to win. But with a lower bet the more likely you will win a prize. You can start the bet by clicking the stop button.

When you collected 2 ore more credits you can choose to transfer the won credits to your total credits by clicking the 'win to credits' button ore choose to start playing the top game by clicking the 'win to win bank ‘button. Top game. The top game offers 3 kinds of bets. The bet 5 , 10 and even a bet 20. The prizes you can win depend on the bet you made.


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